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Lego Worlds is an adventure game for the PC. And to get this out of the way only the LEGO Minecraft can be called.

No unexpected move

Worlds Lego Minecraft series captures the essence of the LEGO universe. In fact, considering how Mincraft inspiration from LEGO has taken (albeit in digital form), you can see this as the closing of a circle.

setiappermainan Worlds Lego began in randomly generated environments. Currently there are no targetsstrong, but that does not mean you can find the LEGO pieces and usedto design a homemade like medieval castles, spaceships and forth to build. Basically take your toys to life in the virtual world.

You are encouraged to explore any environment thanks to the diversity of the world each virtual LEGO. mencabarbeliau has its rewards, as per cyberspace hide some tubes contain – you can buy coinsmore things to build.

beautiful block

You can use the weapon in some box. What? Well, Lego Worlds full of characters and animals of all kinds: vampires, horses, pigs, some of which youmay see are more friendly than others.

LEGO grafikWorlds seen particularly in more detail than standard Minecraft. Effects such as reflections, light and shadows fill every area and look good. Plus, there is a day / night cycle; Fun, please omdatZonsopgangsunset and look great.

Lego Worlds now very incomplete. You can explore, build, drive, ride animals and open more structure. But there is still much to do before it is ready – with multiple, more environments, the ability to share your creations online, goodcharacter customization tool and still all needs.


Worlds Lego is now worth a download? It depends. If the concept of Minecraft vanLEGO which then makes sure to appeal- but remember that you pay for a demo. If you are after a full game is full, you have to wait longer.

LEGO Worlds 1

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