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When Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) left the house, she feared her children in tow. A young girl growing up, she was not sure what right when the lights go out at night was. Now, her brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman) is experiencing the events unexplained and frightening at the same time safety and meet her. A mysterious relationship with their mother (Maria Bello), a supernatural entity back with a vengeance for the suffering of the whole family.

When her brother, Martin, experienced the same event that tests carried her, Rebecca worked to unlock the truth behind the violence, which brought her face to face with their mother, Sophie entities. When Rebecca left the house, she thought she had left her children behind fear. Growing up, she was not sure of what is and is not true when the lights now her little brother, Martin, is undergoing testing inexplicable and scary in her mind and her life-threatening. Scary entity with mysterious contacts with their mother, Sophie, has resurfaced. But this time, for Rebecca to unveil closer to the truth, it is undeniable that their lives are all lights.

Lights Out 2016

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