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A longstanding tool – the program does not require installation, after deleting closed files or long file names, it seems like there are such problems. You actually get everything, and the program itself is worth about 40 if the memory serves and the pricenot fully understood, but it’s not mine.

When you start to wait for a window in which you can move, like in Windows Explorer, and we are interested in folders and files. In addition, you get a powerful scan engine that will make the program very problematic on your computer. Nofiles that will be permanently deleted, fall into the trash, so if you accidentally sprinkle the correct file, it can be easily retrieved.

How to install:

instructions inside

Developer: producer on the long run

Language: English + Russian version

Size: 4 MB

OS: Windows

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Long Path Tool 5

  • Long Path Tool 5 Installer download
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  • Long Path Tool 5 torrent download

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