Minecraft Pre release 1 x86-x64 torrent

The release of the Minecraft release is available to Windows or Mac game owners. This allows you to test features that are of interest, as well as help you find and fix the defects found in the official future.


Minecraft is the development of the game at any time, but the developer Mojang has discovered widely usedTo check the character of the future. Anyone with Minecraft can be easily installed.

Released before the release, the update is generous, full of small changes and change the game, even without the main character with improved before. Minecraft’s “update has changed the world” to significantly change the wayOf the world and, of course, will lead us.

Now easier to use

You do not have to miss pagsubokMinecraft if left before the game. You can easily switch between them and officially released and not in danger of losing yours recordings.

I installMinecraft release, download the file. Then open the buttonMinecraft launcher “New Profile” Name “snapshots”, and are looking for a box labeled “Include experimental snapshots of development.

Nothing to lose

MinecraftPaglabas have really good additional features, such as an official game. It’s free and the best way to see how the game is developing.

Generous Update

PinakagagongMinecraftPre-release, Generous Update, add blocks of new blocks, thin skins for nature, underwater dungeons, and many more.


Minecraft play you need to download a license from the developer’s site.

Minecraft Pre release 1

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