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Minecraft Server is required for anyone who wants to create a multiplayer game Minecraft. Epic sandbox game a lot more fun in a group, and in the construction of large buildings and mine easier with the help!


Like the game, Minecraft Server comes with instructions and gallyn challenge for beginners. You can find the tutorial here. Basically you create takes four steps: 1. Make descargaMinecraft Server.2. Running and configuredservidor.3. Check the settings firewall.4.Buka Minecraft game client and contact servidor.Cando active, your friends can join you using the external IP address of your computer. Minecraft then play as usual, but will suffer just like that!

osGallwch allow time for creating Minecraft Server, can be very funny. However, compared with most commercial games, is very complex!


The more players that are in Minecraft Server, whichcan use more resources – not andakomputer is very powerful, you can see some of the delay to make noise!

Minecraft Forge is a tool that allows you to install and make the server arena always popularMinecraft.

Access thousands of mods for Minecraft

To take advantage of hundreds and even thousands of dispoñiblespara Minecraft mods, you need a tool to be installed. Minecraft Forge is one of the most popular in minecraft community,one of the most compatible arena.

llawersafleoedd This includes those mods, as the official wiki untukMinecraft Forge, PlanetMinecraft, andResourcePack.

In addition to installing and managing the arena, giving priority ofinstalling Minecraft Forge your own Minecraft server. They can have a party and invite players to xogarvostede.

A complex layouts

Minecraft Forge installation can be a little difficult, but you will find all the help you need in the wiki and forums dedicatedhim. When the installation is finished, add the new arena is very simple: you just need to drag and drop files in the installation folder foldermods Minecraft.

An indispensable tool for modders

If you want to take full advantage of all Minecraft Minecraft Forge will Démodés indispensable tool.

Minecraft Server 1

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