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owner Art paintings often visits her former husband novel, brutal thriller interpreted as a hidden threat and symbolic story of revenge. A “story in history” in which the first part follows a woman named Susan who receives a book manuscript on his kolyshnohocholovika,man she left 20 years ago, asking her opinion. Another element follows the actual manuscript titled “Night Animals”, which revolves around a man whose family home is cruel and deadly. He also continues pratipriča SUZAN, which vvazhayesebe recalling his first marriageand faces some dark truths about themselves.

iskusstvosobstvennyy image haunts her former husband novels, violent thriller interpreted as a hidden threat and symbolic story of revenge.

idyllic life successful Los Angeles vlasnykivhudozhnoyi constantly traveling gallerybeautiful harassed her second husband. While away, she struck pribytiemrukopis written her first husband, who had not seen for years. rukopisje story about a teacher who finds time with his family convertedinto nightmare. As Susan reads the book, it has toexplore his past and face some dark truths.

Nocturnal Animals 2016

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