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Checking PES 2017 is a feature most recently, but was it enough to win FIFA once and for all?

Great movement seen

MaioresPES changes in 2017, compared to its predecessors, the function is called to reign over reality. The control of the pompous names for the new control system allows you to manage football (or should not have children). This action enhances the football simulator Pro Evolution Soccer is perfect and the FIFA Crown goes to showboating.

physicsBallpoprawie, which is now moving in Eno field more natural and realistic. During his tenure, he has more control than ever. This change will affect how you can keep the ball and avoid the attack as you try to fight some pretty impressive.

PES 2017 is more physical than any of the previous releases, the solution has become heavier and dirtier than ever. Forget the game just prepare to light tropezocolle. The porters also improvedWith the use of artificial intelligence, which means that they rarely make mistakes and seemed to know the area very well aim to mark the golesSó a little bit harder.

In this sense, artificial intelligence usually adjust to competition and change defense tactics based on their rendemento.A AI will also learn how it is as a fighter and will work accordingly.

Only for players

The player can control the movement more realistic and support more advancedAI, Pro Evolution Soccer promises more realmum and clean as the game is concerned. All indications are that the PES 2017 game will be set specifically for the players are not accurate or preocupaciónexibicionismo dozens of license games. Are you one of them?

PES 2017 Pro

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