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RealPlayer Cloud is ideal for loading and organizingyour cloud favoritemoviesonthe. With the free account, you can view them from any device, title, transfer, if necessary, so asdiscovering last tendencias.2GB for his library. And then, discoverthe Best Videos actuaisRealPlayer cloudy offers 2 GB of storage to upload, share and watch videos all without pay. If you want more space, so canreceive1 GB for each friend they refer to, and abonus additional 250 MB for the first set and video forany new device connected to the profile RealPlayer Cloud (up to 4GB) .The Record option video does what it says on the tin and enable new record movies which, needless to say, it can be immediately sent to nube.Para uploading a movie is simple, and the most popular formats, such as FLV, WMV, DivX, XviD, MOV, AVI videos and MP4.Os , Set in the cloud will be available through your account from any device, and can always be viewedby resolution using nimble, if this computer, tablet or smartphone.Outra feature lets you share via email, Facebook, or create a connection. Each clip is shared thenadded Sharing list. You can also download videos to your computer from the account every cloud yourRealPlayer momento.A application also provides access to portals moviesonvarious Top 5 most viewed video (YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.) in the last few days. Also, you can see the latest videos posted by friends on Facebook (only alwayscheck connected to the social network in the first place) .interface modern design and usable interface RealPlayer cloud has a minimalist design. The main screen provides quick access to all categories: My videos, collections, and share web video. Each film also features a picture on the screen very visible.A video library universalRealPlayer Cloud brilliant solutionfor those who want tocreate library. Its available via PC using the application for Windows 10/08, and mobile devices, thanks to arelease forAndroid and iOS2 GB free space is discrete boundary, although not very alto.A usability of the service is excellent EOS visual accents components thumbnail movies always in a prominent place. Finally, it is easy to use and helpful fordiscovering new videos, as well as the fact thatmovies always available in the cloud and ready to be watched, transmitted or shared.

RealPlayer Cloud 1

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