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Rust is a theme that unites many kinds of popular gejmari most things first, survive and build – server up to 300 people in the field of fine gulni.Asaloda for gamers who are looking for something different.


When you start a new game Rust, you quit the game at randomAmong the large islands. With one stone, torch and two, you need to think fast when clamping experience wild animals play online and other dangers that surround you. Good luck with Stone protection start collecting materials (wood, stone, etc.).

Its concept is familiar to anyone who knowsMinecraft. If you equip enough, we can make new buildings and changing conditions, such as the construction of the house in which you can save and restart the device, if you pamratse.Ale unlike quiet Minecraft, Rust also has a human element nemilosrdniDayZ on the server, you ready to tinkerwith a view of your resources. Other toys can become your friends to join you on your adventures, but equally they will attack to rob a house (used explosives to open the door), and let you die.

the courage to play

Do not be fooled by the construction of rustand customizable; That is where the similarities end Lao SinMinecraft. The need to find shelter, a hot meal and ednostavnoPrezhivee most important. In addition, you have to find ways to prevent, to create armor and weapons to prevent napadav.Geta huge advantage for Rust, therefore,that it is important to survive the conflict and appealing for a stable, who quickly tired of Minecraft.

Visual images increases the impression of its launch, even if you have a powerful computer to know. But, in spite of the environmental quality of their rapidly darkens. NemaVarijacii ecosystem of islands andthrough large expanses of grass and rocks quickly get bored.

Creating a new country

irzhaOsts still evolving, but it sets a new standard in the genre. A mixture of solid survives, construction and operation Rust obviously has its kinds navprostZvyarzhenne Minecraft.

Please note,that the number of languages ​​in modern buildings can be built very limited, although it can grow rapidly because it razvivaetstsaRust.

Rust Alpha 0

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