Rust v1381c 2014 Windows XP/7/8 PC Torrent Download

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Title: Test rust / rust

Type: Repack

Genre: FPS, Simulation

Development: Facepunch Studios

Year: 2014

Platform: PC

Version: 1381c ()

Language: Russian, Ukrainian, English

Tablet: enclosing (LumaEmu)

System requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8 /


Memory: 8GB of RAM

Video: 1024 MB, DirectX support

Hard Drive: 4 GB of free space

Support through Seedbox

installation Procedure-


The installation path must not contain Russian letters!

If you choose 32, installed on 64-bit, run the administration.

1. Run

2. Follow the installation instructions for customizing the installation, and installation.

3. Start the game through the

4. Enter the name of the player (name).

5. Log into the game and press F1.

6. Enter ip_adress: port where “ip_adress” – IP-address of the server, and “port” The port number.

a list of servers


: 28019

: 22222

: 6666

: 29015


especially repacked

The release is based on the 1381c model (/ 1,195,573).

When installing the client, you can help.

Lossless compression.

News prepared Alkad, author – KosiakS.

Rust v1381c 2014

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