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If you were prompted for the characteristics of your computer, most of your processor and possibly RAM and hard drive may call capacity. And the rest? Speccy will provide you with detailed overview of system information.

With Speccyvy, highly detailed statistics can be obtained on your computer that will not only cover the basics like processor and RAM and hard drive, graphics card, motherboard, optical drives, iPoveche ▼ operating system. You can find information about programsDyzayniInterfeys good snapshot and save for later use.

You might think that this information is only valid for computer experiments, network administrators and other technical specialists, but in fact it may be dobredlya all. Speccy allows you to check your RAM configuration before buying more modules, or make a list of features in case you want to sell your computer, to give a few examples.

Basic information on Speccy and can butyznaydeni in a number of specificAreas of windows, but speccy makes it easy by collecting everything under one interface, etc. for more details.

Speccy is still in beta development and lacks some additional features that mozhutznayty to other tools: the ability to multiple formats, performance tests, installed software list, etc. To run the program from the same developers of CCleaner, Recuva and Defraggler, We only expect to improve!

SpeccyTse simple systemAnalyzer that displays detailed information about the configuration and performance of your computer.


Added section computer (desktop, laptop) operating system.

Onovlenyyvyyavlennya processor for the latest models of Intel Core i7.

Improved compatibility with motherboards LGA 2011.

Additional information to an external device to the periphery.

Enhanced detection of video sharing and printers.

Enhanced exception handling.

AddedChinese language support.

MinorTweaks and fixes.

Speccy 1.25

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