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WhatsApp road ahead of the Internet appeared on the market, offered Telegram computer version of their message-oriented security application. It may be light on properties compared to such Skype, but it’s still a year before WhatsApp, which is still not yet released by the desktop (just as its creator to emphasize).

Send a telegram from any device

Use the startup telegram on your desktop I have already signed up for an account on Android, iOS orWindows Phoneapp. After checking the data from the mobile application, you will be ready to start communicating.

The application facilitates phone contact messages, sending unlimited audio and video (in batches if you choose), ahorosho emoticons inks and stickers of world famous leaders, including Gandhi. Desktop telegram also well integrates with other social services (such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter), showing previews of content that,Along with the request, and also making any Instagram or Twitter referral for a click preview. However, voice and video calls are not currently available.

While kakVashi contacts are automatically synchronized with the computer version, you can also search for more people by their username. The notification settings can also be changed for each contact – so you can silently silence your friend if they send you too many messages!

One of the strengthsInteresting groups of telegram chat functions. Unlike other instant messengers, a telegram can have more than one administrator. The administrator can change the image and group name and add or remove users. The service also allows you to create groups of up to 1000 people!

Priority speed and security

Security is always important telegrams of differentiation and ethereal is no different from the version for computers. Messages are encrypted, but it is not a secret,Chat (self-destruct, is not stored on corporate servers, and can not be transferred) option for PC version. As far as security is concerned, Telegram for Desktop includes a two-part authentication feature, allowing you to create an additional step to stop unauthorized access. With this program you can also proveritvse the areas / devices where you are logged in and stop tutoring.

On WhatsApp, which were acquiredThrough Facebook, there is a fear of sakung, what happens to the user’s data, ie where the telegram is hoping to gain ground on his promise not to sell user data.

Speed ​​is another vazhnymKrome indicate telegram. Sending a batch of ten shots is instantaneous, while audio and video is also very fast uploading and share.

Although the Desktop version will not be able to her sister’s phone (secret chat, voice messages and group chat), it stillExcellent communicator. Synchronization of messages without putolsa devices, and once you have seen naustroystvo posts, it is marked as read in the other, so they do not have to deal with multiple notifications.

WhatsApp you talking about?

Telegram is a reliable alternative to WhatsApp, especially considering that the latter has not yet been this desktop client. With privacy and security being the key to today’s users, the telegram has built a strong position in dlyaSammarket. The client desktop is not fully functional as Skype and Viber, but if it’s speed and security you’re after, it’s an application for you.

Telegram for Desktop 1

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