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UC Browser is popular on mobile devices, and it is now available in desktop Windows, too. It seems like Google Chrome, but with a few extra features and individually.

ChromeBrowser dodatkamiUC together a list of the browser chromium, which explains the similarities immediately its Google Chrome.Oznacza the browser should not have any problems related to standards usual,So everywherewhere should indicate UC Browser, you will see taken place Samaj. The audience will get results similar to Chrome in standard popular, although in some cases it came out slightly worse,But clearly from the perspective of the user. UC Browser can also be set in order to view the site as if it were Internet Explorer, just wypadek.Rozszerzenia Chrome support and can be installed directly fromChrome storeWeb Store. It is suitable to grow in the store, but not all of the features more nich.Jedna of UC Browser UC is WIFI free, computer którezamienia focus WiFi, so you can share the link with mobile phones and other devices.Browser can also block advertisements online, using characters from AdBlocker – the feature is not enabled by default.

If you do not like it, change browser options jeWiele experts inpersonalizationand UC Browser is no exception. It has a button to let you quickly and easily can change the title. Now, a huge number of topics to choose from, but this is dostępneo high quality and significant changes in the appearance of the browser.This is opposed to Google Chrome themes that change only subtle. The list of conditions is quite large, with hundreds of images selected for wyboru.Można choose one of two screens,One is similarOpera Speed ​​Dial, and the second, which contains elegant suit adapt your favorite websites.

Ideal if you use it in the phone’s browser choice komórkowyUC interesting Chromektóry easy to use,Customization, and provides some useful doubt funkcji.Bez more experience overall is amazing so we recommend throwing Firefox or Chrome in the garbage. However, as it synchronizesperfectlywith its mobile version, it is recommended, if UC Browser existing mobile browser of choice.

UC Browser 5

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