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USB Show shows hidden files on your USB drive. This is extremely useful to get rid of the effects of direct access viruses, also known as direct access viruses or hidden folder viruses, distributed through Memory Sticks.

Detective of hidden folders

USB-Scan scans disks,Connected to your computer, searching for hidden folders and files and instantly showing them. It creates a registry where files can be found.

When you open the USB drive from Explorer, you will see that all the hidden files and folders are already visible. Be careful: not all files shown by USBShow, must be removed.

Just click and wait, it’s that simple.

USB-show is very simple: you just need to select the disk to scan and press the only available button. After selecting USB Show, it scans the disc in search of invisible objects and makes them visible again.

USB show is only availableIn Spanish and English. The help function is missing, but interfaceTexts does not contain an explanation. But the task that this service performs is only specific, that you hardly need to know more.

Useful, but not antivirus

USB Show is a utility that complements antivirus activitySoftware, but does not by itself destroy malicious programs hidden in memory. If you suspect that your USB memory contains infected files, you must use a reliable antivirus software or special antivirus software,Such as MCShield or Amir Antivirus.

USB Show 1

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